About us

Salut! We’re called Piz'wich - creative snacks and we live out our passion for creative snacks to the full. You had to wait for us long enough and your heart yearned for snacks perfectly matching your taste. Cooking, preparing or snipping is often not possible for personal reasons. Time is tight, standard too high and the kitchen too small. We know the feeling! Therefore, it is important to us to create snacks that are quick and easy to prepare. However, food quality has to match and on top our snacks are supposed to whet your appetite with creative, innovative flavours and combos.


Where we come from

We are natives of beautiful France, where good food is one of the most important things in life. In 2001, Piz'wich - creative snacks was established. Our Pizza Pockets are created in our production building in Bulgnéville.


On an impressive area of ​​2,850 m2, we house two production lines, two deep-freezing lines and two packaging lines. We are thinking big, so you never run out of stock. With our production of 5,000 tons of pizza pockets per year, you can refill your freezer at any time. With our staff of 50 Pizza Pocket employees and local foodies we can ensure top quality, perfect preparation and optimal shipping - even to the wider world. All in the interest of good taste.

We are not just making snacks since yesterday. We have more than 18 years of experience when it comes to the production process of "fresh and deep-frozen". We are professionals in what we do. And, of course, we have improved, thought through and optimised the individual steps and processes again and again. And, quite frankly: we are still doing so today. Standstill is a foreign word to us and we are hungry for something new!


And that’s why we are continually driving ourselves forward. We travel the world, visit fairs, eat in the trendiest restaurants, and whet our appetite for our Pizza Pocket recipes.

We have a short manufacturing process for our Pizza Pocket

What we like gets into the Pizza Pocket. It’s just that easy. Okay, not that easy. You still need a lot of know-how and creativity. But, we do not do anything else every day and focus entirely on a short and crispy manufacturing process. And that’s how it works:

Use the 5 best raw materials!

What we are envied for: our day-to-day work often consists of food and eating! It’s called tastings. We test through much exotic and delicious stuff. In the end, we decide on the best raw materials in vegetables, cheese, poultry, pork and beef.

Determine the type of preparation!

There is only one: 2 minutes or 12 minutes? Microwave or oven? Very easy.

Create the best Pizza Pocket!

The most important thing in advance: we provide two categories: Pizza Pockets without topping for the microwave or Pizza Pockets with cheese topping for the oven. And only then, the free skating in creation of varieties follows: to develop new combos, to spice up classics or to fulfil taste wishes. This is our centrepiece and here all our passion for creative snacks is bundled. And that makes us irresistibly delicious!

Pack it well!

How would you like it? Individual flow pack, practical cardboard box or bulk packed in a carton? We are flexible and listen to your requirements. We also print your individual logo, design or claim.

Great, isn't it?

Why Pizza Pockets belong to the new kitchen concept

Pizza Pockets are at the top of your shopping list. Take a look and you see that society is changing.
The demand for high-quality and varied food is growing whereas time is shrinking. Pizza Pockets are the crispy solution in everyday life and the hot variant for larger events.


Who fancies us?

Good question! Who doesn’t? So delicious and crispy, our Pizza Pockets are certainly a welcome appetiser for everyone. We are particularly attractive to discounters and retailers, the B2B sector, airlines, caterers and commercial kitchens. Got you on the hook already?