Ready in
2 minutes!

Pizza Pocket for the microwave


Ready in
12 minutes!

Pizza Pocket for the conventional oven


Tasty, crispy

In just 2 minutes.



Quick, easy, clean:

2 minutes in the microwave or 12 minutes* in the conventional oven: Thanks to the cardboard box and the handy Pizza Pocket size, you will no longer need an awful lot of napkins, wipes and no clear-up operation is required. All eaten up - spick & span dishes. A kitchen dream comes true!




It really doesn’t get any fresher than this:

fresh and frosty for a top quality: quality check comes first. Of course, we say so. However, we have asked others and had our production, our raw materials and our Pizza Pockets checked.



Professionals and experts:

We are manufacturing snacks not since yesterday: we can offer more than 17 years of experience. Despite, or perhaps because of, individual steps and processes are thought through and optimised again and again. 




Network and partners:

We have a close-knit network, not letting us or you down. That makes us powerful and reliable. Good reasons why we as partner at your side cut a good figure and also the football team of Borussia 09 e.V. (BVB) is banking on our Pizza Pockets.


Our selection - your pleasure

No time, no idea, no plan? Pizza Pockets are the answer to growling stomachs, short lunch breaks and boring party catering. All you need in your lifestyle kitchen is a microwave or an oven (or a bake-off station or a convection oven). And, of course, an appetite for crispy Pizza Pockets from Piz’wich!


2 minutes Pizza Pocket for the microwave

Ready to enjoy in a jiffy from the microwave

All microwavable Pizza Pockets are ready in just 2 minutes. You bite into the crispy baked crunchy Pizza Pocket from tasty wheat dough.

12 minutes* Pizza Pocket for the conventional oven

Fresh and tasty from the bake-off station

After just 12 minutes*, the Pizza Pockets smell fresh and crisp. The Pizza Pocket from crispy wheat dough shines with a melted cheese topping.


Easily prepared - that’s how it works

In 2 or 12 to 15 minutes*: once you have completed your training as microwave operator and oven loader, you are officially allowed to prepare Pizza Pockets. Congratulation! The only difficulty you are now facing is selecting your favourite variety - there are just so many!


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