You can enjoy a wide selection

No time, no idea, no plan? Pizza Pockets are the answer to growling stomachs, short lunch breaks and boring party catering. All you need in your lifestyle kitchen is a microwave or an oven. And, of course, an appetite for crispy Pizza Pockets from Piz’wich!


After just 12 to 15 minutes*, the 6 Pizza Pockets with cheese topping smell fresh and crispy. The Pizza Pocket from crispy baked wheat dough and melted grated cheese. Filled full to the brim in these delicious varieties - just to melt your heart away:

Easily prepared - that’s how it works

In 2 or 12 to 15 minutes*: once you have completed your training as microwave operator and oven loader, you are officially allowed to prepare Pizza Pockets. Congratulation! The only difficulty you are now facing is selecting your favourite variety - there are just so many!


2.heat it up