Ready to enjoy in a jiffy from the microwave


Pizza Pocket Chili con Carne

Bake a pizza in a travel bag!
A taste trip to Mexico in just 2 minutes! Straight into the microwave and off you go. Where life pulses, kitchen is also fiery with a good Chili con Carne. The Pizza Pocket is filled to the brim with Tex-Mex style: spicy beef, red beans, peppers and fried onions combine with the most delicious cheese cream. Bite into the crunchy wheat dough and let your taste buds dance!

Easily prepared - that’s how it works

Microwave: tear open the film and put the frozen product in the microwaveable packaging, place on a plate and heat at 800 watts for 2 minutes.

Allow your Pizza Pocket to cool down for another 2 minutes before you can enjoy a savoury meal.

2.heat it up