Ready to enjoy in a jiffy from the microwave


Organic Pizza Pocket Mozzarella-Tomato with Pesto

Take a bite into Italy and back

Mamma Mia, all are invited: that’s it! In just 2 minutes, you will whip up Italian flair from the microwave straight to your plate. Deliciously softly melting mozzarella, tomatoes and spicy pesto sauce combine in the crispy baked dough pocket. The trio is gratinated with hot Gouda and is all set for a delicious word of mouth. And by the way: everything is manufactured in line with the specifications for organic farming. Dio Mio, everything organic!

Easily prepared - that’s how it works

Microwave: tear open the film and put the frozen product in the microwaveable packaging, place on a plate and heat at 800 watts for 2 minutes.

Allow your Pizza Pocket to cool down for another 2 minutes before you can enjoy a savoury meal.

2.heat it up